Is it Time for Your Kenney Makeover?

Click on the photos to enlarge and view the before (left) and after (right).   We bet you would have figured that out yourself.


Not only do replacement windows save money on heating and cooling, they also eliminate the need for painting, puttying and patching! Ugh!
Before: Park Ridge home with wood windows and aluminum storms.

After: Tan excalibur double-hung windows enhances this beautiful home.  Low "E" Argon glass reflects up to 86% of the sun's infra-red rays. The curved architecture would pose a problem for most companies, but heck, what can I say, "We're Good!" (don't take my word, read customer comments on the last page).


Before: Mr. "N" from Sauganash said he had a "big problem".  His old jalousie door had sprung from its frame but said the big problem was the round top. 

After:  Not a big problem for us though! This special-made, quality door comes in 5 colors too.  Any size door and unusual architectural structures are no problem for Kenney.

Before: Chicago is full of interesting architecture and many old metal windows, the most inefficient windows of all.  They often get covered in ice in the winter. This new homeowner opted to call Kenney to fix the problem.

After:  Beating the drapery guy's delivery time, this homeowner now enjoys heating and cooling efficiency and increased value to their home.  We removed the old windows on both sides of the home, installed a new sturdy mounting surface, and installed replacement windows complete with capping and caulking.


Before: A beautiful classic Park Ridge cape cod.  Our customer wanted an updated look for the front picture window with the two side panels.

After:  Modern 5-lite casement window compliments the classic home. Low 'E" glass reflects sun's glare. Window features include fold down handles, welded mainframes and sashframes, double-strength glass and the optional oak grained interior.  Beautiful!


Before: Okay, just to the right of my thumb you see an old wood 9-panel picture window. This style of window can be seen all over the Chicagoland area.  Comparing to other energy efficient windows, this is a 10'x5' hole with a single pane of glass.

After:  Besides removing my thumb from the picture, we removed the old window and replaced it with this energy efficient 4-lite casement. The unit was $1680 installed.  It's a great investment, reduces utility bills and increases value. It opens for ventilation unlike the old one.  A top quality energy star window.

Before: Common to older homes...chipping, rotting older wood and drafty windows. They degrade the value and appearance of quality-built homes and the nice neighborhoods.  Mission: Fix this!

After:  Custom sized, custom installed results shouldn't look like a retro fit, but instead blend with the original design.  Ahhhh!  Value rises and aesthetics are restored!

Before: Look behind the storm door.  The homeowner wanted to fix the problems ailing the 30-year old interior door. The wood door was rotting, weatherstripping missing and the threshold at the bottom had gaps and wasn't sealing.

After: The gorgeous steel replacement door chosen by Mr. and Mrs. "D" was one of many styles and colors Kenney offers. It features heavy-gauge, painted steel, dead-bolt locks, new weatherstripping, new threshold and double-glazed leaded glass!

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Kenney Exterior Products has been restoring, remodeling, renovating and improving the beauty of our community for over 40 years. We use the highest quality materials, custom measurements, and expert installers to give the professional look you will be proud of for many, many years.  Satisfaction is Guaranteed!!

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