Is it Time for Your Kenney Makeover?

Click on the photos to enlarge and view the before (left) and after (right).   We bet you would have figured that out yourself.

Before: This Sauganash home needed some work on the rear porch. The customer asked us to brighten the area up.

: New Geneva windows, new Entryway Door, Siding is Odyssey from Alside in a white double-4" insulated vinyl. We added extra insulation to the walls and underside of the floor. I think it looks a lot brighter!


Before:  Here's a nice example of windows really saving the customer money. In this corner bedroom we have a 9'x 5' expanse of window, with another 3'x5' around the corner. That's 60 square feet of wall opening, and with the old wood windows, it was a very cold room in the winter. And cold means expensive.

After: And here we see the same openings with beautiful new Excalibur replacement windows. With 7/8" Low "e" Argon glass and a professionally capped and caulked frame, the savings will be enormous. Factor in the maintenance free operation, ease of cleaning, and of course the improved appearance and you can see why Mrs. C from Park Ridge is getting the rest of the windows done now.


1- This Edison Park home had a traditional flanker unit in front. That's two double-hung on either side of a picture window. We removed the flanker and installed this fantastic 5-lite bow window by Alside.With 2 operable endlite casements, and double prairie-groove glass, this window is both beautiful and efficient. Our very intellegent customer made sure to add Low "e" Argon glass.

2-Because of the gable end, we needed to build a roof over the bow, to prevent leaking. Because Luke, Marcin, and Damien are among the finest installers in the world, they had no problem handling the tricky installation. Getting them to sit still for this picture was the hard part!

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