Is it Time for Your Kenney Makeover?

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Tired of looking at that ugly old glass block window? Tired of standing in the bathroom freezing?


Well, here's what Kenney Exterior can do for you. A wonderful beige
Excalibur replacement double-hung window, with fully integrated screen, and naturally, frosted glass for privacy. Not only is this window more energy efficient, it looks alot
better too.

Another picture window unit that has seen better days. Our customer wanted
something that would open things up a bit, and bring in more light.


This fantastic bow-window did the trick. Quite a dramatic difference. This is a beige 5 lite bow, with end-vent casement units. The customer added an oak woodgrain to the inside, and of course Low "E" Argon glass for energy efficiency. A beautiful choice, and a beautiful installation.


Before: This Niles homeowner wanted to upgrade the front of the house a bit, and make the living room seem a little roomier. So it's out with the old picture window flanker unit....

After:...and in with this great custom 5-lite bow window. Options include oak grained interior, fold-down handles, & Low "E" Argon glass. And of course all exterior wood is professionally capped for that nice finished appearance.

Before: Here's a nice way to freshen up the front of the house, and easy on the budget too. First we get rid of those old awnings, and that out-of-date storm door......
After: ..and on go two bright new custom sized awnings, with 2-tone baked enamel finish. And that's a Winstrom self-storing combination storm door. The homeowner, Mr L. is very happy to be rid of the faded old 1960s awning with the big S on it....although who Mr & Mrs S were will forever remain a mystery.


Before: A real challenge! This penthouse is 17 floors up. The doors are arched "segment tops". With the high winds off the lake they needed the best doors available. They wanted to let the lake-breeze in, only they needed a product that wouldn't get torn off when the breeze became a gale. So we got out our really BIG piece of cardboard and made a stencil, being careful not to look down....and traced the shape of the doors.
After: Once we had the perfect size, shape, color, and of course quality for the homeowner, it was simply a matter of...ahem...explaining to the guys that it's no different than any other job, only about 170 feet higher up. There's even a BBQ....
Beautiful chestnut brown arched doors, 100% hand made and professionally installed.




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Kenney Exterior Products has been restoring, remodeling, renovating and improving the beauty of our community for over 40 years. We use the highest quality materials, custom measurements, and expert installers to give the professional look you will be proud of for many, many years.  Satisfaction is Guaranteed!!

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