Is it Time for Your Kenney Makeover?

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Satisfied customers are the foundation of our business. Kenney Exteriors replaced that beautiful front door a couple of years ago, and the homeowner loves it. (So does my mom and my sister.) Now it was time to replace the windows. Mr. & Mrs. D.  didn't need to shop around. They already knew who does great work, for a fair price, with no headaches. The old wooden windows were removed, along with the old storms, ......
...and replaced them with these energy efficient, maintenance-free Excaliburs. The oriel-style first floor windows kept with the original look of the home, while the switch from double-hung to picture windows above that great door added a formal touch to the entryway. These are two-tone windows as well, with the interior color being white to match the inside decor, and the exterior being beige to match the outside color-scheme. This is a feature only available from a few manufacturers nationally, and of course they come with a lifetime warrantee. A home like this deserves the best. So does yours.

Another wonderful example of an imaginative customer maximizing the use of space. This is a vintage 1950s-60s jalousie enclosure. A great place to spend a breezy spring afternoon, but not too energy efficient in the winter. The cranks for the windows were broken, the door didn't fit right, the aluminum siding was fading badly, same with the gutters and fascia, and that old Zephyr awning had seen better days.

Here's the same porch a month later. Those are white Excalibur replacement slider windows with internal colonial grids, and integrated screens. The siding is a heavy guage,insulated, Dutch Lap panel in Silver Moss. The door is Albany's insulated steel replacement door with matching grids, the color.. (one of dozens available).. is called Briarwood. New white .032 guage seamless gutters, new custom formed fascia. With the work looking so nice, Mrs. R decided to leave the awning off.
Oh and...someone saw the Kenney job sign in the front yard called us to make an offer on the house!!! Had to break the news that our customer wasn't selling.
Real estate can be your best investment!! Don't take my word for it, ask your banker. Here is what a very intelligent customer did in Brookfield. This Georgian needed some work. Before we began work on the project, the roof was replaced by a licensed professional.(Sorry, no pictures of the old roof). Next, the old windows and doors needed some attention.
After: Curb Appeal!
Mr. O, being an old friend of ours, would trust no other than Kenney Exterior for this part of the project. By replacing those drafty old wooden double-hung windows with these energy-efficient Excaliburs (with colonial grids and Low "E" glass), and upgrading the entryway with this beautiful Albany replacement door, Rick has effectively shown how to shrewdly invest money. Yes, I suggested cutting down the bushes so that you could see these lovely new windows. This is a really nice example of how a few changes can drastically improve the curb appeal of a home. Well done Mr. O! (Next comes the tuckpointer to eliminate the old canopy outline, then the landscaper, and finally some shutters.)

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